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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  April 5, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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where detectives will now look. >> it is thursday april 5th. >> good to have you on board this morning. new information about the massacre in oakland >> there may have been a different intended target than originally thought. >> oakland police chief howard jordan is not giving the name of that new intended target. they say that she fears for her safety. originally they thought it was a woman named ellen survey. let's take a look at her photo, she is the nursing director at oikos university and she was not here at the time of the attack. she came out yesterday saying that she thought she was the target but apparently she had dealings with the suspect in the past over a financial dispute.
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when bowe dropped out, they said he wanted a full refund of his tuition and she denied him that which is why she thought she was the original target. a close friend of hers told us that there wasn't something not right about go >> this was not too long ago that it was assumed that he made her uncomfortable and i astor if it was him later and she said yes >> we're also learning new details about the grisly murder. one survivor says that when he told students to wind up, some did but some of the move to slow causing him to get upset causing him to fire. a survivor said he ran away not realizing he had been shot in the arm and while ellen may not be the intended target, she was
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still able to give an account about the suspect and his behavior and basically how he was not happy with the school. >> meanwhile, it go did not enter a plea during his first court appearance yesterday. he is charged with seven counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder with special circumstances because it was a mass shooting which makes them eligible for the death penalty. >> he committed crimes of such enormity and brutality that our community, our country, and the citizens around the world are left reeling. >> he is being held without bail in santa rita jail in dublin and is scheduled to be back in court on april 3rd. >> we're learning more about the victims of the shooting rampage, they range in age from 21-53.
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one of them worked for the school and the rest were students. a custodian at the san francisco international airport work the night shift their while attending classes at oikos during the day. 40 year-old doris was a mother of four and a beloved member of her nigerian community in the east bay. she was a lawyer before moving to san leandro and she decided to become a nurse after having children. >> i always loved her and i was so painful she was in my life because she was very strong. every time she got an a in her class she would tell me this is what you have to do and i would always tried to do that >> 53 year-old judith see more of san jose would have graduated in june. she had two grown children and was engaged >> i will miss her forever. but i will keep her in my heart and i know she will be by
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my side in spirit to help me get through this time. >> seymour's fiancee declined to share her photo with us, she said, she said she was a very private person caught up in a public crime >> first responders have been praised by the d.a. before the way they handled the entire situation. also praised are the dispatchers with the police >> shots coming from inside the building, people are running out screaming >> the dispatchers who worked at the oakland police department who have received accommodation already by the chief did a fantastic job of managing what had to be a completely chaotic series of phone calls. >> the oakland police department arrived on the scene three minutes after the first call for help came in. be sure to stay with us for the latest developments in the case and you can always said to cbs five, >> the man expected in a mass
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murder is due back in court this morning. bihn thai luc is due to be arraigned on charges due to last month's killings of five people in a san francisco home. a judge has assigned a private attorney because in the last 24 hours a number of small earthquakes shook the area north of morgan hill yesterday and today. the strongest was a magnitude 2.8. a few people reported on the u.s. geological survey website that they felt it but there is no word of damage or injuries. another search takes place today for 15 year-old sierra lamar. members of the of search and rescue unit will focus around san martin it will be looking for possible crime scenes and evidence. >> san francisco police are still investigating a bicycle and pedestrian collisions that
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turned deadly. the bicyclist crashed into a man who was crossing the street last thursday morning. 71 year-old was crossing the street with his wife when he she says he was walking behind her because he carefully waited a few seconds after the light turned before you started to cross. the victim's wife said she did not see the crash but she heard it >> i heard something like this and i turned around and my husband was on the floor and i don't know what to say, i held him so i got all bloody >> he suffered massive head and internal injuries and died on tuesday. witnesses say the bicyclist ran a red light and police are still looking into it. san jose police want people to watch out for a fake, it was using the search routine to steal from others. it has happened at least three
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times at these locations. officers say the man targeted spanish-speaking immigrants. he gives back a wallet's without the cash inside them. police say he is using a dark green compact man which is of course not used by police officers >> a woman whose s-u-v crashed into a san jose home faces charges of drunken driving. police say she was arrested after being evaluated for injuries at valley medical center. it was tuesday night that her vehicle plowed into a home in the cambrian area. the crash caused a natural gas leak that prompted evacuations. the fire department says a neighbor sprung into action after the crash, smashing a window with a rock and helping to pull her out to safety. a 19 year-old is expected to be honored at the fire station later today. the jet blue airline pilot who
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had a meltdown will undergo a psychiatric examination to determine whether he is competent to stand trial. prosecutors filed a motion stating the captain may have a mental illness. he is charged with interfering with the flight crew during a flight last week. the co-pilot had to make an emergency landing. >> there is a full moon out there and it is beautiful >> let's check in with warrants >> little bit chilly to start this morning but the skies are mostly cloudy. still a slight chance of a few showers, but outside right now we will take you over the bay, looking good but a little bit breezy in some spots. all of those cold cumulus clouds of the coastline here, we
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have a little wave to the north that will make its way closer to the bay area in the afternoon and not might be just enough to start some showers in the north bay hills. coming up will check on the easter weekend forecast >> we already have a problem spot eastbound highway 4 against the commute and it is on the on ramp by bailey rode. at least a minor injury crashed and some people were transferred to the hospital. it is not causing any delays to the main freeways. it may have just been wrapped up, the road work, the eastbound lanes of highway 43 antioch. speeds were under 40 m.p.h. so we will check on that. westbound highway for travelling towards pittsburg, that is moving fine. more roadwork between fruit belt and 30 fifth avenue should wrap up by 6:00 this morning.
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>> from a parking lot to a giant project >> and plan for a brand new neighborhood your at&t park. >> i do believe there should be punishment. >> punishment could be on the way, the bench clearing brawl between two california baseball teams >> seeing the world thr,,,,,,,,,
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>> former penn state assistant football coach gerry sandusky will be in court today. the judge will hear arguments from his defense including a motion to dismiss the child sex abuse charges. he has pleaded not guilty and is currently under house arrest. his trial is scheduled to start in june. the oakland police the apartment facing eighth special deadline to follow up on complaints about last month's move to replace occupy
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protesters. oakland only has 180 days because of an agreement reached in 2003. the tribune reports that the department will not meet an april 28th deadline and that could lead to a federal takeover of the apartment. >> a high school baseball game is under investigation because of a fight that broke out when you the city and del campo high- school played in a tournament on monday. at least three yuba city players were seen throwing punches at their opponents. the san francisco giants are spending big bucks to transform its parking lot into one of the biggest developments in the bay area. plans for the mission rock neighborhood were unveiled yesterday, including 1000 apartments and more than 1 million square feet of office space. some people wonder if the money
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could be spent on something else >> if things work economically weak and the public will love this neighborhood >> there are other things that could use $1.6 billion before more shopping >> construction might begin in 2015 >> hundreds of silicon valley janitor's planned march in palo alto this morning to call attention to the labor dispute. there are expected to vote today on whether to authorize the union to call for a strike. wages and health care are among the issues on the table. a new investigation shows the energy department was in such a rush to approve a federal loan that he gave federal experts only 24 hours to review the deal. the experts had expressed concerns about a half billion dollar government loan. the fremont based solar panel
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company filed for bankruptcy last fall. its failure is now the focal point for republican criticism of the president's green energy agenda. >> president obama is expected to sign to jump-start into and it is a lot today. it helps small businesses grow and create jobs. yesterday the president signed off on a bill that tightened the rules on congressional insider trading. ron paul continues his california sweep in the bay area today. he will speak at 7:00 this evening at uc-berkeley. the event is free to the public but organizers say space is limited. before that event, paul will attend a private fund-raiser.
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it is the first-ever flying car, we will tell you about the price tag and how far it goes on 1 gal. of gas. >> we have mostly clear skies outside right now and we could still see some,,
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>> whitney houston's final autopsy report has been released and it says she died face down in a bathtub with cocaine in her system and drug paraphernalia nearby. detectives say they found a white powder, a spoon with white
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residue and a rolled up piece of paper on the counter. the report does not identify the substance but it does show that houston did have cocaine throughout our system the day she died along with several other drugs. her death has been ruled an accident >> burger king is pulling advertisement featuring mary blogs singing about chicken wraps. they say they were pulled because of licensing issues but will be back on the air sam. many critics say the ads reinforce stereotypes. with spots are part of their newest we branding effort and also featured fellow celebrities steven tyler and some high tech. so if you want a dealer on an iphone >> a tiny regional character based in virginia announced it will sell the 16 gb iphone for $150, $50 less than its competitors, but it won't be available in california.
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it only offers service in two states on the east coast. >> the goal for google is to use the search giant with a sleek pair of new glasses. google posted this new video on its page devoted to project class. in a shot from the perspective of someone who wearing the glasses while walking around new york city. he uses voice commands to communicate with friends and get weather conditions. google says it wants feedback but it is not clear if it will sell the glasses. >> could you imagine if everyone had those on? >> it would be kind of cool >> i would love it. and flying cars also? coming up today, not too bad, a little bit
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of sunshine but a cold start. the moon is just about full but it is looking great outside right now. a little bit windy in spots which has helped keep the temperature is up just a couple of degrees. patchy fog showing up in the valleys. a little bit windy out to the coastline with these temperatures still running well below average for this time of year. the trough is camped out on the west coast which will allow at least for a chance of isolated showers. this off the coast is developing and could bring some showers late on the day on easter sunday. you'll notice the clouds begin to gather along the north bay mountains and bring a chance of showers with it. those dissipate through the nighttime hours and tomorrow looks like another cold start of the day.
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east bay temperatures will also be on the cool side. inside the bay, the temperatures will stay down. tomorrow we start to warm things up. on sunday, there is a chance of showers north of the golden gate bridge. from san jose south korea will not see much in the way of rain. >> it looks like it was going to be beautiful and sunny but not now >> we will just get outside early. >> let's go out and show you what is going on on the roadways. the first thing we have going on is the bay bridge. no wind advisory so everything is pretty good across the upper deck. no metering lights, they will not turn them on for a least another hour or so. there is a lane change going
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on and that is about it for cross the bridge. there are no major issues all the way through marin county. we do have going on is road work in the east bay. it should be wrapping up by about 6:00 this morning. a few brake lights across that stretch, otherwise, looking ok. in oakland, looking pretty good this morning. a couple of yellow sensors in antioch. just the eastbound lanes of highway 4. an earlier accident near the bailey on ramp has been completely cleared out. westbound 580 is not too bad of a drive. 15 minutes to go out to 680. all the drive times for the east bay are still in the green including westbound 24.
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mass transit, so far off to a pretty good start. no delays. that's the traffic, back to you >> how about some golf? one tradition and that the masters as another one continues. the head of the golf club in georgia says the top executive of ibm will not be a member of the club. the last ceos were invited but agusta is not changing its standing as an all men's club only. the chairman was asked about that yesterday >> as has been the case, whenever that question is asked , all issues of membership are now and have always been subject to the private deliberations of the members and that statement remains accurate and remains my
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statement >> he did a lot of tap dancing, agusta is hosting the masters today through sunday. you can see all the coverage live on cbs five. a big week and head for baseball, the athletics are getting revenge on the giants in the final game of the bay bridge series. the a's third baseman had a monster day, 4-5 with a couple of home runs. the a's go on to win 8-1. they both sort playing for keeps tomorrow night. the a's are hosting seattle and the giants are in arizona. >> i went for my first time at the ballpark and it was nice, a nice view of the water. >> speeding within sight of a police officer is not normally a very good idea >> it is the point of the weekly program in sonoma county. it is called top the cops,
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teenagers in their own cars paid $15 to challenge patrol officers in a head-to-head race at in affinity raceway. the safety program has been going on for 18 years. >> it is fun to get to know the local police and get to talk to them about questions i've had about driving my car >> not only that, you get to race them. it will continue every wednesday night through august. >> it looks like every cop from the north coast is up there. from flying cars to $1 million rides >> the future of our technology is about to be unveiled in york city. the most expensive, and original shelby cobra that debuted 50 years ago. even with a worn seats the price tag is a jaw dropping $25 million. they're more than 1000 cars at this year's auto show, the
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flying car can fly up to 490 m.p.h. and comes complete with air bags in the parachute for safe landings. the asking price is $279,000 and so far about 100 people have pre ordered it. >> how many times have you been stuck in traffic and you wish you could just go up and get out of their? it is for 57, in the next after hour, the types of food that help prevent parkinson's disease >> saving bay area trees but at what cost? a simple oak tree that cost more than a quarter million dollars >> the new focus to help find the missing morgan hill teenager's sierra lamar >> one woman says she believes she is the target of the oikos shooting but oakland police say that is not true. ,,
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